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Daddy Talks!! This book is insightful, honest, genuine and truly an easy read. Pastor Sanders weaves stories and analogies so easily and so interestingly it’s easy to start reading and look up it’s been 2 hours!!! Now that’s what I call a good book! You won’t be sorry, Daddy Talks is for everybody, Dads young and old, single Moms. Read it and learn the importance of Daddy in your childrens lives from a transparent Daddy. Thanks Pastor Sanders, I learned so much.

Wendy Stubblefield

Great read! I learned a lot about the author and I was able to relate to some of his experiences. This book was informative on so many levels. I would recommend this book, and or purchase as a gift for someone. The author did a great job explaining the after effects of coping with an absentee dad. Surprisingly, this book is not just for males, but females can benefit from it as well. I would like to read more in the future from is particular author.

Amazon Customer

Having learned his own “Life’s Lessons” on the fly. Rev Tony, after realizing he didn’t know what he’d never been taught, sought out that information and used it to impart learning in his own children. The book is an easy read and a must read for new fathers, parents, those unable to verbalize their thoughts and feelings, and those who did not receive experienced mentoring and coaching while growing up. Upon finishing the book, I realized, even growing up in a home with two loving and nurturing parents, there are other views, perspectives, and lessons that I either didn’t receive or slept through.

Gary B.